SICK56 RELEASES - The Ugly Truth About Blackpool Vol 1

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The Ugly Truth About Blackpool Vol1

Complilation CD


Skrewdriver - Antisocial (1977)

Zyklon B - Manic Depressive (1978)

Male Models - DC Overflow (1979)

Tunnel Vision - Comrades (1980)

Kenneth Turner Set - Overload (1980)

Syntax - Dot Dot (1980)

Section 25 - Always Now (1981)

One Way System - Jerusalem (1982)

Antisocial - Official Hooligan (1982)

The Genocides - Honey This Ain't No Romance (1982)

The Fits - Bravado (1983)

Sign Language - Love & Glory (1984)

The Membranes - Tatty Seaside Town (1988)

Take Lindy Surfing - Twilight Zone (1991)

Shrink - She's The One (1994)

The Phantom Creeps - Bad Place (1996)

Erase Today - Managing Director Of Earth plc (1996)

Container Drivers - Searching For The Skylon (1997)

King Mob Echo - Cock Suck Amerika (1997)

The Pink Torpeodes - Time To Be Alone (2000)

Thee Transmissions - Starlight (2001)

Neocoma - Alcoholocaust (2002)

Uncle Fester - Kill Someone (2002)

Chang - Conquerse (2003)

Razor Dog - Torched (2004)

Ceramic Hobs - Pro Ana Tips 'N' Tricks - 2004)

SICK56 - No Accident (attak Mix 2005)

Antisocial Official Hooligan 1982
Formed in 1981 Antisocial released four singles on local label Lightbeat / Beat The System. Their fourth single "Too Many People" which was a possible contender for the "Ugly Truth" featured Mick Crudge of the Fits guesting on vocals. Their contribution to "The Ugly Truth Volume 1" Official Hooligan is probably the band's most famous and definitive soundtrack, and this is available along with all their other material on the Captain Oi compilation (AHOY CD 62) "Battle Scarred Skinheads". Band members included Daz (bass), Sid (original vox), Spig (drums), Woz (guitar) and Phil (vox). (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
Ceramic Hobs Pro-Ana Tips 'N' Tricks 2004
'Stranger than a box of frogs' is how somebody once described these pranksters, and I had to nod in agreement. Hailing from different parts of the fair Shire of Blackpool the Ceramic Hobs have been plying their trade in one way or another since 1987. The "Ugly Truth Volume 1" offering 'Pro Ana Tips n Tricks' is taken from their excellent album "Shergar is Home Safe and Well" (2004) which, if my memeory serves me correctly, got full marks in Rox 7. The band consist of Stan (guitar) Simon (vocals) Dave (bass) and Ginge (drums) and are great value live. Stan's ever productive Pumf label seems to have been around forever and a day, and this is the best place to access and self-educate about the Hobs, their releases, and a myriad of other things including facts about the number 7 . (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
Chang Conquerse 2003
Indie three piece lead by Sean. Quirky and melodic indie tunes captured beautifully in the track Conquerse which features on "The Ugly Truth … Volume 1", was plucked from the last of three really good demo's which I managed to get hold of. The operatic introduction "this is Chang" actually existed elsewhere, but we thought it so good that it warranted inclusion, so it did - hope the band don't disapprove. Gigged locally once appearing be-suited in one Rock Battle final. Sean and the bassist now play in The Sound of Superstring who will be appearing at Summer Daze 2. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
Container Drivers Searching for the Skylon 1997
Coming from the sovereign dependency of Over Wyre I first encountered the Container Drivers by acquiring an early copy of The Strange Black Cloud demo in 1997. A fixation with the Television Personalities and The Fall belies everything quixotic and quirky about this 3 piece consisting of Keg (bass, vox), Rik (gtr,vox) and Bryn Hans (drums, vox) (other contributors being Glyn Bailey and Victoria Hesketh). The track "Skylon" is from the early SBC days and their persistence paid off in 2004 with a rash of European gigs, national radio play and a bunch of releases 'The Ex-members of The Fall Club', 'The Girl on the Bus', 'A Picture of Dorian Gray' and 'Run' - you can access, listen and learn of all things Container Drivers on their web-site , and you can see them live at Summer Daze 2. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
Erase Today Managing Director Earth plc 1997
"Managing Director of the Earth plc" is based on a book by Dolores Cannon book entitled 'Keepers of the Garden'. Intended as a broadside sweep against theories of Universal History and the West's creation of the 'Third World' the track is taken from the band's only album "Colour, Sound and Vibration" (JSNTGM 009). Operating between 1992 and 1996 the band underwent various incarnations of Andy Higgins (vox, guitar) Steve White (bass1), Gobbler (drums1), Digger (synth1), Joe Delaney (drums2), Mark O'Neill (bass2), Ratfink (drums3), Wigan Dave (bass3), Alan Pill (bass4). Releasing 2 x 12's 'The Economic Prison' and 'The Velocity to Connect' and 2 x 7's 'London New York the World' and 'A Big yes and a Little No' and various compilations the band rarely played outside the North West. Erase Today gigged with touring bands such as Green Day, NoFx, Nation of Ulysees, Offspring, Econochrist, Leatherface, UK Subs, and split after opening the first 'Holidays in The Sun' (HITS) festival held appropriately in Blackpool in 1996. Oodles of positive coverage in the fanzines / magazines and benefit gigs contrasted with a dubious local reputation tarnished by violence at gigs. A rash of Erase Today stickers/flyposters also upset the council …. the legacy of which still adorns Blackpool street furniture and many other locations on planet to this day. Mp3's and record info on . (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
The Fits Bravado 1983
Layton's finest - the band's logo spray painted in distinctive hand-writing on road signs and various street furniture across the Fylde coast in the late 70's and early 80's was a welcomed part of the Blackpool urban scenery. Consisting of Mick Crudge - vocals, Steve Withers - guitar. Debut lp on Rondolet "You're Nothing You're Nowhere" and 5 subsequent singles Bravado being taken from the b-side of Tears of A Nation. All tracks are now available on Captain Oi compilation CD. Mick cut quite an imposing figure to us then younger folk, and was approachable and supportive of the younger bands on the Blackpool scene at the time - he sorted out Index XI's first gig at Jenx ironically as a result of an animated and impromptu conversation with an elderly lady who approached us objecting to "Anarchy in the UK" being sprawled across Mick's leather jacket. The substance of the conversation being that the statement was a reaction to the oppressive normality of the day and lack of creative outlets for local bands - obviously impressed with this articulate and somewhat unexpected response the elderly lady said she would approach the Salvation Army to stage local gigs. The next time I saw Mick he was playing a gig at the Salvation Army with Tunnel Vision - enough said. Band moved down to London and after a few line up changes split in the mid 80's. Mick released some material under the name Kingfisher Davis in the mid 90's. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
The Genocides Honey This Ain't No Romance 1982
Although the original incarnation of the band formed and gigged in in 1977, the line up of Andy Gibson (vocals) Tommy (guitar vox) Ronnie (bass) and Wolfie (drums), released 2 singles Come Again and (on their own Action Records label) and Honey This Ain't no Romance (on Flicknife), which is the cut featured on "The Ugly Truth Volume 1". Lasting 7 years and surviving 3 line up changes the Genocides were based around the Action Records store, then on Bond Street Blackpool and now based in Preston (recommended by the Swapmeet kid as possibly the best store in the UK), the Genocides played a lot of local gigs with the likes of One Way System, Membranes, Alter Ego, Antisocial and further afield with the Furs (to become the Psychedelic Furs), Erazerhead, The Barracudas, Richard Hell, Lords of the New Church and UK Decay… Andy Gibson also had a spell on vocals for One Way System.. Their sleazy Johnny Thunders style appearance and attitude sticks them at the rockier NYD end of the punk rock spectrum, but the music is damn good. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
Kenneth Turner Set Overload 1980
Named the Kenneth Turner Set because it sounded "like a dull middle of the road name for a punk band" Jim Crimson 2005. Band primarily from Lytham St Annes with a bit of Blackpool and Poulton injected for good measure.Band consisted of Chris Cummings (previous spell with Skrewdriver - went on to form the Riverside Trio) on guitar, Jim Morrison (Crimson), Mark Nodder (guitar), Spud Herrington (bass) and Gick (drums). Band incarnated out of The Hatchets and operated from 1979 until 1982 and later changed name to Velvesheens. This is the only release by the band, recorded at Cargo in Rochdale . KTS mainly local gigs at Jenx and Stanley Park. Spud edits a London based Jazz magazine "The Ugly Truth Volume 1" track Overload is taken from the Blackpool Rox ep on Vinyl Drip. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
King Mob Echo Cock Suck Amerika 1997
A Blackpool 4-piece consisting of singer songwriter Steve Schewan and drummer Alex Darbyshire who ventured south from Fleetwood to team up with former members of 'Nesh' Ian Butterworth (VeeVV and Tunnel Vision) on guitar and Stuart Diggle on bass. The band recorded 3 demos over a 2 year period (1996-1998) of which Cocksuck Amerika was arguably their best and most 'most punk rock moment'. Their curiously creative name was taken from a periodical circulated at the time of the French uprising / riots in 1968. The band ventured to Camden Town, Sheffield University and Manchester and 'imploded' in February 1998. Ex band members Ian and Stuart are playing Summer Daze 2 for Zyklon B and Litterbug respectively. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
Male Models D.C. Overflow 1979
John Gardner tells me that the Male Models were too rock for the punk crowd and too punk for the rock crowd. Their contribution to the "Ugly Truth" was unearthed from a mound of 500 tapes which were sent in to the Blackpool annual Gazette rock battle, and which are now situated in my garage. Formed in Bispham during 1980 as a five piece as an attempt at a Punk / Heavy Rock crossover type band their first live appearance was at the Mardi Gras jam night performing covers of the Ramones' Glad To see You Go and Let's Dance. Further gigs at Jenks ' New Wave' nights with the likes of Final Solution, Zyklon B and Public Spider, Norbreck Nite Spot, OO7 club etc. In 1981 the band had 'expanded' to a 6 piece with 2 drummers. Band members included (Bolton)Bill Franks --- last seen into computers in a big way (original vox - Jex Latham RIP), Lead Guitar -- Kean Brown --- runs Blackpool Brewery, Rhythm Guitar -- Dave Gribbon --- RIP , Bass Guitar -- John Gardner -- Civil Service , Lead Drums -- Ian ( Geordie ) Templeton -- Now Drumming with Liverpool band 'Shack' , Rhythm Drums -- Alec ( Thrash ) Whitwell -- Welder and fabricator. Ian and one time guitarist Steve Salah had earlier both played with Newcastle/Whitley Bay punk band Speed. In 1982 Paul 'Drav' Davies joined on rhythm guitar, and the band re-invented themselves as a heavy rock band called 610 Squadron with John Gardner playing Bass and handling the Lead Vocals. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
The Membranes Tatty Seaside Town 1988
Taken from the Steve Albini recorded album Kiss Ass Godhead "Tatty Seaside Town" (1988) neatly reflects the uniquely discordant style of The Membranes. Spanning 1979-1991 the Membranes toured and recorded what has been described as "dissonant, rhythmically forceful songs - a noisy antithesis to new wave pop", serving up the following releases Blackpool Rox ep (1980) Muscles 7" (1982) Pin Strip Hype 7"(1982) Crack House lp (1983) Spike Milligans Tape Recorder 7" (1984) Death to Trad Rock l.p. (1984) The Gift of Life lp (1985) Everything's Brilliant 7" (1986) Songs of Love and Fury lp (1987) Time Warp 7" (1988) To Slay the Rock Pig lp (1990). Their anarchic record covers feature the distinctive and clever artwork of Simon Clegg. Originator of Blackpool Rox/Rox fanzine(s), the Vinyl Drip label, our local boy from Anchorsholme turned journalist, author and TV personality is verging on A list celebrity status with his hard-working band Gold Blade. The Membranes went through several line ups, the core of the band was Coofy Sid (drums) and John Robb (bass vocals) joined at various times by Martin Critchley (vox), Martin Kelly (drums), Mark Tilton (guitar) Steve Farmery (guitar), Healey, Brown and Stan. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
Neocoma Alcoholocaust 2002
Alcoholocaust is taken from their three-song demo CD of 2003 released on their own Far Room label. Formed in 2001 consisting of Chumpy (vocals) Chopper (guitar) Padre P Mafoo (drums) and Todd the Long (drums) they quote a variety of eclectic influences (Cure, Bowie, Iron Maiden etc) and were certainly a highly charged and entertaining live band when I was fortunate enough to see them in Winter 2003 at the Tower Lounge Blackpool. The band split in March 2005 and the members have been involved in other projects such as The Wrong, Empty Headed Heroes, Distorted Vision and Autobotvsdecepticons. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
One Way System Jerusalem 1982
Fleetwood band that have stayed the pace, stuck around for many years and are one of the biggest and best known names on the "old-school" punk rock circuit. Their "Ugly Truth Volume 1" track is the anthem "Jerusalem" taken from their second single of 1982, which is aptly about Blackpool and the less than friendly inter-town relations. Other key releases were Stab the Judge on Blackpool's Lightbeat label, and albums 'All Systems Go' and 'Writing on The Wall'. Originally formed in 1979 when the line up included Craig Halliday - gtr, Gav White - vox, Tez McDonald - drums, Kev Buckley - bass, the line up quickly changed to include Tommy Couch - bass and David Ross "Crabby" on guitar until they split in the mid 80's. After a 10 year hiatus and a Captain Oi CD re-issue of their first 2 albums in 1995, they reformed in 1997 to tour Japan with Lee Havok on vocals (who left and has been recently replaced by UkNige of SICK56) and Andy Wilkinson on bass. Having toured widely and played many gigs on the European festival circuit OWS are regularly placed high up the bill at HITS, Anti-Fest etc This hard-working Fleetwood band are synonymous with that angry UK hardcore sound of the early 80's. OWS played Summer Daze 2004, are recording a new album, and are playing on Sunday evening after Summer Daze 2 at The Tache - hope you were there. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
The Phantom Creeps Bad Place 1996
Taking their name from the 1939 sci-fi/horror movie featuring Bela Lugosi, this St Annes five piece consisted of Richard King (vox, harmonica), Duncan Wright (guitar), Steve Borsley (guitar), Roger Wykeley (bass), and Max Andonegui (drums). Bad Place has that trademark RK harmonica over the distinctly Creepsesque rocky rhythm section and is featured on their 'Teenage Fingers' album on Armed and Fat records. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
The Pink Torpedoes Time to be Alone 2000
Life in a Perfect Rhyme is a live track taken from their Tache gig reviewed in Blackpool Rox issue 2 in 2000. Formed in 1988 by drummer Mark Booth (SICK56), Craig Halliday (SICK56, ex O.W.S.and Flapshots), Keith Halliday and Guy Woodall. Mainly playing covers, the band's boozing, attitude and fan's behaviour got them banned from nearly every pub / venue they played. All were capable musicians, could sing and knew how to wind an audience up into frenzy. Many a bar stool ended up stuck in the roof of the local Traveller's Rest public house with light fittings coming down and windows being put through for fun - Stu Turner's arse being the last thing through the windows. During the 90's the line up changed frequently with only the core of Keith and Mark as originals. Members have included ukNige (SICK56 & O. W.S), Tommy Couch (O.W.S), Steve Fairhurst (Flapshots), Duncan Jowett (Uncle Fester) plus many others over the years. Playing their last gig December 2004 in Blackpool, they leave a legacy of booze trodden carpets, broken glass, damage and most importantly, a credible set of recordings in Womb Raider (studio album), Torpedoes Away (live album) and a rare video of Open Up. Goodbye with fond memories - ukNige Jun 05. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
Razor Dog Torched 2004
Describing themselves as 'a big filthy melting pot, fusing the obscurest low-fi blues and balladeering, the purest most dangerous rock n roll and the very best of melodic punk from all ages' Razor Dog also lurch at you from behind the deceptively pleasant veneer of Lytham St Annes. Their contribution to "Ugly Truth Volume 1" is the very excellent 'Torched' which is taken from their second release of the same name, and is available via their website along with earlier CD release "Blind Spot". Consisting of Richard (harmonica and vox), Penny (guitar), Steve (guitar), Kev (drums) Anson (bass). (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
Section 25 Always Now 1981
Certainly an important focus for emerging Blackpool punk/alternative scene in terms of getting things off the ground by way of arranging gigs and PA's. The two Cassidy brothers and Paul Wiggin made up the trio of ex St Joseph's school-boys who's sound owed more to Joy Division than the Sex Pistols, and who trod that marginal arty line which was more Factory than Chiswick. Section released four albums and five singles on Factory label, the title track of their debut album being featured on Volume 1 of "The Ugly Truth". Other band members over the years included Phil, John, Lee Shallcross, Angela Flowers and Jenny Ross. I only caught them live once at the Pleasure Beach with the Membranes when they recruited the services of keyboard player. The band re-formed and built a website in 2003, and Paul is playing drums for Zyklon B at Summer Daze this weekend. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
SICK56 No Accident (Attack Mix) 2005
SICK56, for the uninitiated who don't yet know, play blisteringly powerful yet melodic punk rock. The four piece of UkNige (guiter + vox), Craig (guitar), Boothy (drums) and Tom (bass) are 50% from the out-lying principality of Anchorsholme, 25% from dreaded inner-city Marton and 25% from the marginal spaces of Wesham. So far the band have had great acclaim from their plethora of live performances and their releases which so far include - Recipe for Disaster CD, Out of a Black Pool 7" and Another Day Another Enemy 7". Their contribution to the "Ugly Truth Volume 1" is a slightly re-worked mix of 'No Accident' taken from "Recipe .." which is a fitting conclusion to this compilation album. A full and detailed breakdown of their gigs, history, MP3's and releases is available on their website and they are playing Summer Daze 2 this weekend - so don't miss them. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005).
Shrink She's The One 1994
"She's The One" is one of the catchiest pieces of power pop you are ever likely to hear. I first heard it in Berlin Studios when Shrink (previously Blah Blah Blah) were mixing a bunch of tracks and I requested permission to release it as part of the Blackpool E.P. (JSNTGM 003). I last saw the vocalist when I had a brief conversation with him at a Blackpool night-club. From what I remember he was relocating to London, and the band were splitting up - my recollection of that night is a little hazy as I had taken an acid trip earlier in the evening and I kept getting distracted by unusual noises and flashing lights in my head. This is a great song by a really tight band. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
Sign Language Love and Glory 1984
Ex St Mary's/St. Joes' four piece who shot to national recognition when their new single got rave reviews in both Sounds and the N.M.E. in 1986. The band then consisted of Paul Connolly -guitar Simon Borkin - bass and Damian Lonsdale - drums and Laurence Brewer on vocals after their previous incarnations Propaganda and Poptones had used other vocalists. The track on the "Ugly Truth" is the stunning and never previously released 'Love and Glory' which combines a driving post-punk rhythm with Lawrence's vocal style which sound very similar The Wall's vocalist on the excellent "Personal Troubles and Public Issues". Sign Language have recently re-formed and played gigs at Beat and West Coast in inner-city Blackpool, and they are performing at Summer Daze 2. Check out their website which includes band history, early photos and interviews. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
Skrewdriver An-ti-so-cial 1977
Blackpool's original 77 punk band formed from the pub-rock band 'Tumbling Dice' - and yes for nefarious reasons also Blackpool's most controversial band. Skrewdriver never actually gigged in Blackpool and were banned from playing by Blackpool Council (see the track too much confusion) as the nation was awash with hysteria and moral indignation at this outbreak of 'punk rock'. Original band consisted of Ian Donaldson (vocals) Grinny (drums) Kev McKaye (bass) Phil Walmsley (gtr) and then Ronnie Hartley (gtr) and from their early roots as a snotty mid 70's band of ex Baines high-school boys rehearsing in ISD's dad's lock up on Cherry Tree Road Marton, they released 2 great 7" singles (You're So Dumb and Anti-social) and one album (All Skrewed Up) on Ted Carroll's innovative and forward-looking Chiswick Records. They featured in Mark Perry / Danny Baker's Sniffin' Glue Fanzine as one of the few Northern bands playing gigs in London venues during 1977 such as The Roxy and Dingwalls with the likes of Johnny Moped, The Movies, Sham 69, The Models, The Cortinas, The Damned and Chelsea. After splitting in 1979 (where the journey should have ended) ISD re-formed the band with different members and started treading the crooked path of dodgy politics. Time has been taken to meet up and spend some time separately with two of the band members Ronnie Hartley and particularly Kevin McKay. These discussions were joint exercises in understanding more about the original band and also partly in terms of getting a first hand grip on the 'truth' behind the later years activities. To set the record straight, you can check out original guitarists Phil Walmsley's interview on … being lefty pinkos we wouldn't have included 'em otherwise. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
Syntax Dot Dot 1980
Formed from the ashes of Zyklon B (and later to become Vee VV) this track is taken from the Blackpool Rox ep of 1982, which also featured the Kenneth Turner Set, the Membranes and Fifth Column. Syntax (the name was chosen as it had the same weird mixture of consonants as Zyklon B) were in existence from mid '78 onwards. The name change came about owing to the 'connotations' carried by the name Zyklon B and partly as the initial hysteria of offensiveness was dissipating somewhat from the early punk scene. Mark writes that the track Dot Dot 'written during the early transformation from being "punk kids" to "angry young Factory men" so consequently it's about "alienated youth in a time of rampant consumerism" (no change there then!). The track was recorded at Cargo Studios on Drake Street in Rochdale. (This was where Gang of 4 recorded their "Damaged Goods" EP, and Buzzcocks would do countless demos. The studio was later purchased by Peter Hook and renamed "Suite 16"). The band have reformed with ex Section drummer Vinni and Tunnel Vision bassist Ian for the Summer Daze 2 gig - not to be missed. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
Take Lindy Surfing Twilight Zone 1991
Little known band from the fiefdom of St Annes consisting of Craig Woods (drums), Darren Maskell (vox) John Dey (guitar) Robert Hodgson (bass). The track 'Twilight Zone' is taken from a 9 track CD which includes 5 live rehearsal tracks plus 4 studio tracks recorded at Assembly Line Studios. Darren now lives in the USA and this CD found its way across the big pond as a result of him hearing about our efforts to pull together a local compilation. Good travels great distances. Digging up gems like this is fair indication that there are oodles of great music in every town waiting to be unearthed and played to sympathetic ears. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
The(e) Transmissions Starlight 2001
Hailing from the Northern territory of Fleetwood consisting of Fred Laird (guitar/vocals), Dave 'the squid' Fyall (bass), David 'Sandy' Wakefield (guitar) and Mark Summers (drums) they lived from 1999-2002. The track 'Starlight' recorded in 2001 is taken from a hastily compiled 9 track compilation "Cheap Guitars and Heroic Failures" courtesy of Fred. The 'the(e)' nods a wink in the direction of Billy Childish and Transmissions means simply 'to trasmit to you'. They gigged locally and in the Big Smoke (London) at Kings Cross and Kentish Town, and the Night and Day Manchester. The band releases include Painted Bird CD (1999) Intergalactic Travel CD (1999), Glass Flowers 12" (2000) Sadist Parade/Spitroast CD (2001). Fred and Dave have gone on to form Earthling Society. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
Tunnel Vision Old Comrades 1980
Ian Anderton - gtr vox Tony Ashworth - drums Ian Butterworth - bass I first witnessed Ian playing for Chainz supporting the mightily original Hermann's Effey at St Joes' school late one Friday afternoon in 1979. I remember there were a few technical hitches and Ian's guitar ended up getting broken into two pieces and being flung around the room, much to the delight the school uniform wearing audience. The band released "Watching the Hydroplanes" on Factory Records in early 1981, and were featured on Palatine - The Factory Story released in 1990. Have re-released their back catalogues on one CD, and a CD of new material was released in 2005. They have a website at listing their live appearances with New Order, Nash the Slash, Section 25, Switzerland etc. Tunnel Vision reformed in 2003 and played at the Summer Daze 1 festival in Ashton Gardens St Annes in 2004. (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
Uncle Fester Kill Someone 2002
From the eerie backwater of Lytham St Annes Uncle Fester play 'Dirty Punk Rock 'n' Roll' and contribute what has to be the loudest track on the "Ugly Truth Volume 1" - Kill Someone - which is taken from their Total Sonic Mayhem CD (2002). Consisting of four lifelong 'junk rock' addicts Dunk Rock, Chad Spandoza, Johnny Volume and Rat Fink they have been infecting and injecting audiences up and down the UK with their particular virus of r'n'r since1999. To date they have released 3 CD's and done a fair bit of gigging up and down the country. You can find all things Fester on their site (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)
Zyklon B Manic Depressive 1978
I never saw Zyklon B play live, though I do remember my first encounter with Mark Ormrod at the Teanlowe Disco in Poulton in late 1978 when he laughingly suggested that the red SLF Inflammable Material t-shirt I was sporting would suit him better. It probably would have as I was a diminuitive 13 year old lost in the folds of an XL t-shirt, and lost in the midst of some sort of contemporary musical experience that I was trying to figure out - and probably still am to some degree. Zyklon's first gig was in Poulton library in late 1977 followed by out of town gigs in Manchester, Preston and York. Band members included Mark Ormrod - Vocals, Mark Frith - Bass, Kieron Palmer - Bass, Roger Wikeley - Bass, David Ross/Crabtree - Guitar, Tony Ashworth - Drums, Garry Evans - Drums, Russell Moorhouse - Keyboards (Syntax) and described by John Robb at Wasted 2005 as "Blackpool's best punk band" their contribution to the "Ugly Truth" seems to sum up the angst of the day, which was at the time directed everywhere and nowhere. Zyklon B was a continuation of the band The Plastic Lizards (which included Andrew Cross on guitar) which unfortunately did not record any material, yet did however perform 1 gig in Kieron's garage to 6 lads from school. The track 'Manic Depressive' was taken from a Zyklon B compilation and their only vinyl release was Dot Dot which appeared under their later monicker of Syntax (taken from Blackpool Rox - issue 8 Aug 2005)